Every Day, Rachael Ray Logo, 2015

Rachael Ray's magazine team celebrated their tenth anniversary with a whole new look. And we helped!


o Banquinho worked with editor in chief Lauren Purcell  and creative director Heather Haggerty to develop a new logo for the magazine to reflect its maturation  into a more streamlined version of the widely-read and loved-by-many compendium of all things hearth and home. 

The Process

The typeface Stag has been a cornerstone in the visual language of the magazine, so we were asked to look at ways to maintain that element as we explored the new identity. For the first round, we looked at a wide variety of type personalities that we eventually  narrowed to two candidates: Stag and Sentinel, an alternate slab that we had recommended for its beautiful letters and friendly presentation. After a multitude of cover tests with both the original title Every Day with Rachael Ray and the flipped version (the final choice), Sentinel got the nod as the foundation for the new logo.

But in the process, we had discovered that the hand-tooled feel of the Stag termini complemented the crisp shapes of the Sentinel letters, so Heather enlisted type genius Tal Lemming to help us finalize a mark that knitted the two personalities. This is where we landed; shown at the top of the page is Tal's final.