The Shannara Chronicles nameplate, 2015

On finding the right typographic voice for an epic tale of elves, druids, and humans.


"The Shannara Chronicles" is an upcoming American television series by MTV based on a series of novels by author Terry Brooks, and is set to premiere in January 2016. The filming of 10-episode first season wrapped in New Zealand in June 2015, and the first trailer was debuted on July 10, 2015. After the show was green lighted, MTV asked o Banquinho to create a nameplate for the show that communicates the epic nature of the story, and has just the right elven touch. 

The Process

We combed through the reference the client provided, and supplemented it with additional research on the books and the characters. Our first presentation was an exploration of styles to help us zero in on just the right gestalt.


Within each approach, we presented a range of nuance in the shape of the individual letters, and in the overall shape of the mark as seen in the example below.

The details

After the client approved the final direction, we developed a matrix of variations with minor (and not so minor) differences in the letters. The final mark has appeared in the official trailer, display materials at Comic-Con, and in the titling for the most recent books. We look forward to seeing the program's debut!