Orchard Jewelry identity, 2015

"Fresh, imaginative, unconventional. Jewelry plucked from nature."


After owning and operating an estate jewelry business for 20 years, designer Janet Mavec decided to combine her extensive knowledge of jewelry history with her love of nature. The result was Orchard, a new fashion jewelry collection that celebrates the beauty of the world around us through custom-designed pieces. o Banquinho partnered with Janet to develop an identity and online presence that communicate the unique nature of her collection.

The Logo

Our first step was to update the Orchard logo to better reflect the research and detail that go into each meticulously-crafted piece. Because the web is the primary sales channel, the end result must read quickly on computer screens and mobile devices. We redrew the tree based on the silhouette of an apple tree (true to the orchard from which she draws much of her inspiration). The silhouette is bordered with a series of unique apple leaves, and the inner sapling is similarly recognizable with apple leaves and blossoms. We maintained the humanist nature of the word "Orchard" (appropriate for handcrafted jewelry), but refined the letters for a more legible and more contemporary mark.

The website

The website needs to showcase the fine detail of the jewelry, and it needs to be easy to update. With those goals in mind, we developed a framework of "jewelry cards" that can be easily repopulated when new pieces are introduced or featured. Janet has a library of sketches which we used to create a custom "fabric" print to use as  background. The end result: A site that communicates the designer's taste and touch, but works within a standard commerce template (with a little help from our web developer). Shown here are the templates for the home and product pages. 

The style guide

The final piece of the package was a comprehensive style guide to make it easy for the client to maintain the integrity of the brand. Shown here are representative pages from the document.