Datagraphic logo, 2015

They began as Blackstone Stationers in NYC in 1927. Today, DataGraphic is recognized as a leader in creative print.


When DataGraphic moved to a new building in early 2015, president Glenn Schuster asked o Banquinho to refresh their logo. We saw this as a golden opportunity to create a mark that can be used to showcase their state-of-the-art print capabilities (and a dream project for us!). We started with the monospace letters in the original logo, and adjusted the letterspacing, kerning, and weight to give us a bold platform to work from.

Next we applied a “duplexed” construction to suggest the layering (be it ink or paper) that is the essence of the print process. This two-part construction gives the company a canvas upon which they can mix and match print processes at will: Emboss and deboss; inks and varnishes; letterpress and foil-stamp ... the options are endless!


We then developed an alternate version based on the negative inline component, exaggerated to make it the hero. This version is for use at small sizes and for three dimensional and environmental applications.


The print processes make these marks come alive; we look forward to a multitude of beautiful variations!