Lettering projects

“Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.”–Matthew Carter

Wired, section opener lettering, 2015

The visual identity of this section is suggestive of a how-to manual; and it opens with a detail-laden infographic. The signature "Q" integrated into the page was commissioned each month to a typographer or illustrator. There was minimal art direction ... mostly "make it beautiful, make it cool." Because we drove the redesign and were familiar with (in fact, had articulated) the branding components for each section, o Banquinho was hired to create a series of the specialized Qs.

Original Q design by Carl de Torres.


For 13 years, Popular Science has celebrated the greatest minds researching science, engineering and the world. For the 2015 issue of this iconic magazine, Popular Science creative director Todd Detwiler asked o Banquinho to create a typographic opener and badges for the package and cover.

Innovators connect the dots and make sense of the abstract; our visual parallel was a modernist approach wherein simple geometric shapes transform into recognizable letterforms and figures. We created a whole slew of badges, and since our favorite tends to be the one we're looking at right now, we sent them all. The client (of course!) made the right choice.


Creative Director Josef Reyes asked us to create a piece of lettering for a photo essay featuring a transgender male in India. We created an organic, flowery motif that weaves through the letters as a visual metaphor for self-acceptance. The decorative elements are low-key at the beginning of the quote and become more dense and unruly towards the end, symbolizing that we can't fight who we are.