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More is more: Creating infographics, borders, and bespoke lettering for a master. 

Infographics, November 2015 issue

Creative director Debra Bishop asked us to create a set of infographics to accompany a reader-favorite, the annual anti-aging feature. She had a concept in mind already; she wanted to overlay the data on historic oil paintings of beautiful women, creating a parallel between the immortalized beauty and the service-y how-to information in the story.

The reportage piece focused on the current anti-aging trend — simpler treatments on a more frequent basis— so we proposed a time-based graph to provide a visual synopsis of the recommended regimen. The second set of information was about cost, so we used the same framework but replaced days with dollars on the circular axis. Bonus: The graphics became de facto contemporary frames, giving the classic foundation a fresh twist.

Decorative border, September 2015 issue

For the opener to this fashion story, Debra asked us to develop a border to knit together the words and images. The story is about the trend toward simplicity, and the accompanying photographs are set in gothic-style architecture which suggested to us cathedrals with beautiful gates that project both welcome and defense. We found an ornate border in a vintage book which we used as inspiration to create a visual portal that is both simple and complex. 

Ornaments, April 2015 issue

Actor Lena Headey was photographed in delicate and detailed textures that provided both a nod to the season and deliberate counter to her colorful personality. We were commissioned to create a set of complementary ornaments that would express both aspects of the photographs. The result is a texture reminiscent of chainmail that envelopes the drop cap on the second spread. Elements from that parent texture create more subtle connections on the opener. We also drew a set of secondary design elements—decorative rules and arrows— that appeared throughout the story.